Our Tour:

The Starting Point

Riga Tour Startpunkt
Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument is an ideal starting point for our tour.

From here we can start our tour and guide you through Riga.


The Oldtown

Riga Tour Streckenpunkt
Town hall square (Blackhead house)

Riga's old town impresses with beautiful old buildings, churches and the cathedral.

With an almost magical atmosphere you can walk through the cobbled streets of the old town.

With the tour you will discover the beautiful streets, shops and buildings of the old town.


The modern part & art nouveau

Riga Tour Streckenpunkt
Alberta iela

Even in the modern part of the city you can see the culture and beauty.

Many buildings and long streets in Art Nouveau style,

filled with many wonderful shops.

During the tour you will immerse yourself in the Art Nouveau of the city and

get to know the hot spots of modern Riga.

Central Market

Riga-Tour.com Zentral Markt
Central Market

Get to know the biggest market in Europe.

Many stalls and local products in large dimension.

We show you the specialties of Latvia and make the market comprehensible for you.

What to expect?

Your perfect city tour through Riga with all interesting information:

  • to the history and culture of Riga
  • wonderful photographic places
  • all major attractions
  • Recommendations of the best culinary places
  • General information about life in Riga
  • The Latvian mentality
  • many other insider tips
  • and much more


We make sure that you feel at home in Riga

and see the city from a whole new perspective.

This tour shows you everything you need to see from Riga!

If you have further questions about the city tour

just write us!


Or book directly and experience Riga like a local.


What makes the tour unique?

We are German medical students studying in Riga. We live in Riga for a long time and therefore we are very well acquainted with the city. We know everything about Riga and the excursion possibilities all around. We can guide you beyond the tourist traps and give you tips that only locals know. We show you the very special places of the city and

look forward to enriching you with our knowledge.


Your Riga Tour Team